Digital Controllers

Handcrafted in the UK, inside each bSeen system you will find high quality components carefully chosen to ensure your system will last for many years.

Our ECU (Control Unit) houses a smart micro-controller programmed in-house, to ensure bSeen systems comply with road regulations such as blinking rate and light power.

Our self powered indicator controllers - Basic and Standard - are manufactured with 3 balanced Samsung 18650 Li-ion batteries. Each battery pack has its own smart board with a battery balancing system, over-charging, over-discharging and short circuit protections.

The new family members - bSeen Slim & bSeen Xiaomi Edition - can be powered directly from your scooter's battery. These are built with a "state of the art" voltage regulator and can be plugged directly onto any scooter battery with range from 18V to 78V DC.

bSeen Handlebar Control Units are supplied with a special 6 pin waterproof connector, ensuring a perfect and strong connection with the ECU.