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With powerful 300 lumens 12V LED indicator units, our flagship bSeen Nano it's a complete professional light/indicator and horn system, that can be plugged directly onto your e-bike's battery.

Supplied with a "state of the art" voltage regulator, the bSeen Nano Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can be fed directly from your vehicle's battery, or any other battery range from 18V to 78V DC.

All bSeen products work at 12V - like the majority of vehicles on the roads - which allow the system to have a far much better performance than an ordinary USB rechargeable system. This performance reflects on the light intensity and overall reliability of the electronic components.

bSeen Nano virtually doesn't drain your e-bike's battery while not in use. With only 16mA of consumption in standby mode, bSeen Nano's power management is the best in the market.

In the package:

  • 1 x bSeen Nano ECU Controller
  • 1 x bSeen Handlebar Control Unit with 1.8 metres of cable length and HIGO connector
  • 2 x bSeen White LED (Front) with 2 metres of cable length 
  • 2 x bSeen Amber LED (Rear) with 2 metres of cable length
  • 1 x bSeen Red LED (Tail Light) with 2 metres of cable length
  • 1 x bSeen Headlight with horn built-in & 2 metres of cable length
  • 1 x set of waterproof crimp connectors
  • 1 x set of heat shrink tubes


  • Headlight ON/OFF
  • Tail Light ON/OFF
  • Left & Right Indicators (Front & Rear)
  • Horn
  • Hazard Lights
  • Presence/fog lights (front LED L&R units)


    Handlebar Switch

    • Left/Right Turn, Lights ON/OFF, Horn, Multifunction


    • Waterproof sealed enclosure with cable tails for connections.
    • Input 18-78V DC.
    • Short circuit, overload, overheat protection.
    • Left & Right outputs for 12V LED indicator units max. 2W/each
    • Tail Light output for 12V LED unit max. 2X
    • Headlight output for 12V LED max 6W
    • Horn output for 12V piezo horn

      ECU Dimensions:

      • 50mm (L) x 40mm (W) x 23mm (H)
      • 1.97" (L) x 1.57" (W) x 0.90" (H)

        Important Notice

        *please note that the spot headlight it's not a "off-road" light system. It's designed and certified to comply with European regulations and standards for electric bicycles (StVZO Standard).

        See full specs of the headlight here