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bSeen Xiaomi Edition it's a professional indicator/auxiliary light and horn system, to plug directly into your Xiaomi's battery.

Built with a "state of the art" voltage regulator, bSeen Xiaomi ECU controller can be feed directly from your Xiaomi's battery or any other battery range from 18V to 78V DC.

bSeen Xiaomi Edition virtually doesn't drain your scooter's battery while not in use. With only 16mA of consumption in standby mode, bSeen Xiaomi's power management is the best in the market.


bSeen Xiaomi Edition ECU controller is supplied with handlebar switch controller only, and it's compatible with any 12V LED unit and 12V piezo horn type.


  • 12V Headlight ON/OFF
  • 12V Left & Right Indicators (Front & Rear)
  • 12V Piezo horn type


Handlebar Switch

  • Left/Right Turn, Lights ON/OFF, Horn, 1.8 metre length cable with HIGO connector


  • Input 18-78V DC.
  • Short circuit, overload, overheat protection.
  • Left & Right outputs for 12V LED indicator units max. 4W/channel
  • Headlight output for 12V LED max 6W.
  • Horn output for 12V piezo horn
  • Supplied with XT30 "Y" adaptor


    • ECU: 55mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 23mm (H)